Turkish sailing route for beginners Turkish sailing route for beginners
Itineraries April 29, 2024

Turkish sailing route for beginners

The optimal time to go on yachting trips is late spring to mid-autumn. The route is 170 nautical miles long and takes a week to complete.

Arrival in Gocek

You can comfortably reach one of the yachting marinas in Gocek by using Dalaman Airport, which serves a large number of flights during the high summer season. Once you arrive in Dalaman, it will take you about forty minutes by car to reach Gocek.

There are some marinas located here, but the bulk of the boats available for yacht charter are based in D-Marin. There is not much to see in Gocek itself, so it is best to arrive here on a Saturday morning.

Day 1

The distance from Gocek to Scopea Limani is only 4 miles. A large stream of yachts and gulets returning from day trips to the bay will accompany you on your way from D-Marin to Scopea Limani. When you leave the marina in the afternoon, after the boat rental has been done and you have bought your groceries for the first days of the trip, you will find this stretch of the sea quite busy.

Day 2

To cross from Scopea Limani to Fethiye Bay, there are two passage options: between Domuz Island and the mainland or between Domuz Island and Tersane. The first itinerary is narrower and the second wider, but both provide sufficient depth for any yachts. Further navigation is not difficult — follow the capes. In Ekincik Bay you can moor either in the marina or at your own anchor. The distance from Scopea Limani to Ekincik is 28 nautical miles.

Day 3

The next bay to the west after Ekincik is a Turkish naval base, so it is recommended to stay away from it. The distance to be covered is 30 nautical miles. When you arrive at Sersi Bay, you can stop at the stretch buoys on the shore. The general direction of travel will be southwest.

At the exit of Marmaris Bay, there is quite a heavy traffic of various vessels, ranging from large cruise liners to small yachts and fishing boats. If the wind permits, arrange yachting routes from Marmaris Bay to Sersi Bay along the beautiful rocky coast.

Day 4

The yachting route from Sersi Bay to Bozburun is 18 nautical miles long. Passing around the Bozburun Peninsula from the west and leaving the Greek island of Symi on the left, you enter the picturesque Yesilova with many islets and enclosed bays. Spend a few hours cruising around this area by yacht.

Day 5

Travel 30 nautical miles by yacht from Bozburun to Ciftlik Bay. Here you will find yachts both at the piers and at anchor. The journey will be along the coast.

Day 6

The pre-final leg is 43 nautical miles from Ciftlik Bay to Kalevesi Bay. This charter itinerary is mostly offshore with no hazards. When approaching Gemiler Island you should leave the small islet Karacaoren on the left.

Day 7

The yacht charter routes conclude with a passage from Kalevesi Bay to Göcek, a distance of 18 nautical miles. Please note that Fethiye Bay has quite heavy traffic, so it is necessary to remain vigilant. Nevertheless, navigation is easy, so you can enjoy the last leg of your journey.


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