Yacht charter vacation in Caribbean islands

This stunning destination of endless summer offers the unforgettable holiday paradise with white seashores, warm weather, and scenic views all year round.

Caribbean Region Guide

The Caribbean Sea gives excellent water sports opportunities, clear blue skies, and clear blue waters. There are dozens of authentic and beautiful islands in this region that will enchant each visitor.

The region has many attractions to offer its visitors: the Caribbean is home to a variety of inhabited and uninhabited islands so that everyone can find the perfect destination.

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Caribbean yacht charter allows travellers to experience different recreation types and numerous entertainments:

  • diving;

  • sea fishing;

  • the local cuisine, etc.

Caribbean islands — Yacht Charter Boatscribe
Caribbean islands — Yacht Charter Boatscribe
Caribbean islands — Yacht Charter Boatscribe
Caribbean islands — Yacht Charter Boatscribe
Caribbean islands — Yacht Charter Boatscribe
Caribbean islands — Yacht Charter Boatscribe

Why rent a yacht in the Caribbean

Chartering a yacht in the Caribbean region allows travellers to visit various attractions. The region can offer a vibrant nightlife, rainforests, stunning diving, and fine foods, the islands are a perfect destination with something for everyone.

The Caribbean region is home to many treasures: miniature coral islands and huge atolls. Each island has a rich and distinctive culture. Scuba diving enthusiasts can scuba dive and enjoy vibrant marine life among the coral reefs and shipwrecks that are home to thousands of sea creatures.

Sailing destinations in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is a perfect destination for those who crave the opportunity to relax in complete tranquillity. Its all-year-round warm climate and over 7,000 islands make the Caribbean a famous destination for yacht charters. All the islands are different and provide numerous attractions and amusements. Tourists can travel between them exploring the region's culture, food , and nature.

The Caribbean region includes:

  • the Bahamas and Teres Islands;

  • the Greater Antilles;

  • the Leeward Islands;

  • the Windward Islands;

  • the Leeward Antilles.

To admire the travelling in this tropical paradise, travellers can charter a yacht in the Caribbean  and visit various destinations: from tropical forests to mountain peaks.

The most popular tourist destinations on Leeward and Windward Islands include:

The BVI are ideal for charter a yacht Caribbean for sailing. This region delights travellers with privacy: parking, fine food and drinking, and glamorous  beach barbecues.

When to visit the Caribbean

The best time to travel in the Caribbean is from December to May, but mild and warm weather, pleasant water, and gentle winds make the Caribbean a fantastic region all year.

Charter boat in the Caribbean allow tourists to leave routine life behind and dive into a stunning retreat among extraordinary sea nature and colourful culture, that can be found only here.

Water Season (°C) 26-29
Air Temperature (°C) 27-32
Wind Force (Beaufort) 2-5