Sailing itinerary from Tenerife to Gran Canaria and La Gomera Sailing itinerary from Tenerife to Gran Canaria and La Gomera
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Sailing itinerary from Tenerife to Gran Canaria and La Gomera

You may explore the incredible splendor of the Canary Islands at your leisure through boat rental.

The sailing trip commences in Radazul Marina in Tenerife and travels across the ocean to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico, and ultimately San Sebastian in La Gomera before returning to Tenerife. Equipped with incredible navigation abilities and being only 234 nautical miles long, this route is not a difficult path for spacecraft.

If a one-week journey makes you feel pressured, you may take a break and prolong it to two weeks. We provide a choice of yacht charter options to meet your needs, ranging from expensive yachts to more basic boats.

Arrival Day at Radazul Yacht Marina

Sailing planning is essential for a safe and enjoyable trip. It is highly recommended to arrive in Tenerife a few days before the trip to calmly prepare, relax, and become familiar with the top highlights of the island. An exciting yacht itinerary begins from one of the two ports of Tenerife. Tenerife was the first port for ships traveling between the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The city has two names: Marina Radazul and Marina Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Day 1 (Marina Radazul, Tenerife — Marina Puerto de Las Palmas, Gran Canaria)

Starting from the island of Tenerife, you proceed towards the island of Gran Canaria, which lies on the east-southeast corner. Many yachting trips incorporate stops at picturesque marinas, allowing you to explore local markets and restaurants.

The distance of the journey will be 60 nautical miles. The yacht will maintain its course to port despite the strong wind blowing from the northeast. When leaving Tenerife and approaching Gran Canaria, be aware of large ships.

Plan your sailing routes carefully to maximize the number of breathtaking views and hidden coves to explore on your yacht trip. Try to book your accommodation in Gran Canaria in advance.

Day 2 (Marina Puerto de Las Palmas — Marina Puerto de Mogán)

A comfortable 40-mile sailing trip from Puerto de Las Palmas to Puerto de Morgan in Gran Canaria.

As you approach the southern tip of Gran Canaria, the island protects from wind and waves. The final few miles to the marina can be savored in tranquility as you look forward to your arrival. Be aware of the Sirocco, a south-easterly wind that can disrupt sailing. If it appears, it is wiser to wait in the marina without risking going out to the open sea.

Day 3 (Marina Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria — Marina San Miguel, Tenerife)

Embark on an exciting 49-mile yacht journey from Puerto de Morgan Marina in Gran Canaria to San Miguel Marina in Tenerife. Sailing against the winds may seem challenging, but you can leverage them to help you navigate west-northwest with your yacht.

Prepare for increased wind speeds in the strait between the Canary Islands and Tenerife in the Atlantic Ocean. After a thrilling day exploring secluded beaches, find a safe mooring at a charming marina for the night. To ensure a spot is available, try to book it in advance by making a phone call.

Day 4 (Marina San Miguel, Tenerife — Marina San Sebastián de la Gomera, Gomera)

Day four is devoted to a breathtaking 28-nautical-mile sea journey from Marina San Miguel in Tenerife to Marina San Sebastian de la Gomera, an island off the coast of La Gomera. These yachting routes wind across crystal-clear seas, providing breathtaking encounters with marine life.

Day 5 (Marina San Sebastián de la Gomera — Marina del Sur, Las Galletas, Tenerife)

On the fifth day, travel lengthens for about 24 miles from Marina of San Sebastian De Gomera to Marina in Las Galletas, Tenerife. The strait is a real paradise itself that connects La Gomera with Tenerife. Sail with joy with the calm view of a single dolphin moving gracefully amid the waves, other marine animals are also nearby. Choosing the right yacht charter routes depends on your desired pace.

Day 6 (Marina del Sur, Las Galletas, Tenerife — Marina Radazul, Tenerife)

During this trip, please keep in mind that it is a 37-mile journey by yacht from Marina del Sur in Las Galletas to Marina Radazul. This is exactly how a real examination of your skills and strengths will be tested. Don’t forget to research the available marinas along your chosen sailing route to ensure easy access for mooring.


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