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We help you to compare and choose boat rental offers from multiple yacht charter websites at once. Boatscribe shows the lowest prices for the same yacht from different agencies in one place. There are 208 boats available for rent in Fethiye starting from 990 €.

Near Ece Marina Fethiye, Yacht Classic Marina, Yacht Club Mai, Yes Marina, Fethiye port.

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Please note that most yachts are available for charter on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday.

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Fethiye blends a lively atmosphere with timeless coastal charm. Built on ancient Telmessos, cliffs adorned with rock tombs create a scenic backdrop. Yacht enthusiasts flock to upscale charter routes. The natural harbor is a portal to exclusive coastal gems. It’s a must-stop on Mediterranean Fethiye yacht charter adventures.

Look through a diverse range of boat rental Fethiye options through Boatscribe. It ensures a top-notch comparison service, allowing you to pick the best boat for rent. Now, you may compare the best variants for Fethiye boat hire. Look through detailed descriptions of yachts, their pictures, and the most up-to-date costs for the yacht charter Fethiye.

We also recommend searching for yachts in other popular countries: SpainFranceTurkeyBahamas or Martinique.

Weather conditions in Fethiye

Air temperature is within 27-33°C. The water temperature during the season is 25-28°C. Wind strength within 3-6 on the Beaufort scale.


Charter boats in Fethiye: from Sailing yachts to Motorboats

1. Sailing yachts in Fethiye - Enjoy your Yachting holiday to the sound of wind and sails.

2. Catamaran charters in Fethiye - Comfort sailing and more space for large group of friends or family.

3. Motorboats in Fethiye for rent - A luxurious holiday on a yacht at breathtaking speed.

4. Houseboats for rent - An unforgettable house - hotel rental experience on the water.

5. Crewed Gulets for rent - Plan an unforgettable week on a comfortable large yacht with all the amenities and a full range of services.


Which type of charter to choose in Fethiye?

1. Bareboat yacht charter

2. Crewed boat rental


How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Fethiye?

You can rent a yacht for a week from 990 EUR. The final price for chartering a yacht will depend on the region, seasonality, type and size of the yacht, as well as the need for a captain or crew.


The most popular regions for yachting and charter:

1. Caribbean islands

2. Mediterranean yachtin region

3. Atlantic Ocean yachts for rent

4. Indian Ocean luxury yachts

5. North Europe boat hire


What time of year is it better to rent a yacht?

The popular season in the Mediterranean is from May to late September; in tropical regions like the Caribbean from December to April; in Northern regions, like United Kingdom, from June to September.

Yachting and Sailing in Fethiye

Sailing tips and tricks

  • 📱 Useful apps for yachting in Fethiye

    Essential apps for navigation, anchoring, weather forecasts and marina reservation: Navionics, Windy App, Anchor Pro, Navily, Marine Traffic.

  • ⚓ Bareboat or Skippered?

    If you don't have the required skipper's license or just want to relax while sailing, a skippered yacht charter is the best option. If you have a suitable license to operate a yacht, you can choose a bareboat charter.

  • ⛵ How to find a suitable yacht in Fethiye?

    When searching for a yacht charter in Fethiye, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure you find a suitable option: Size and Capacity, Budget, Route and Destination, Amenities, Reviews, Charter Company and Season.

  • 💸 Obligatory payments

    When chartering a yacht there are mandatory payments that can be added to the cost: transit log, cleaning, tourist taxes etc. Always keep in mind the amount of mandatory payments and do not forget about the amount of the security deposit.

  • 💳 What is security deposit?

    A deposit for a yacht charter is an amount of money that is held as security deposit in case of damage or loss to the yacht during the rental period. The deposit is typically refunded at the end of the charter if the yacht is returned in good condition. On the Boatscribe platform you can find and compare online agencies that offer security deposit insurance without having to freeze the full amount.