Moorings in Skopea Limani Gocek Moorings in Skopea Limani Gocek
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Moorings in Skopea Limani Gocek

Here in any weather yachtsmen can find a quiet mooring at the pier, on a buoy or at their own anchor. In recent years, Skopea Limani has become a very popular destination for yacht travelers, yacht owners and gulet captains alike. Here is a look at the most popular options for mooring your yacht.

Kapi Creek

This is the first bay south of the passage between Domuz Island and the mainland when entering Skopea Limani from the east. There are berths for a few yachts on the east side of the creek, but most yachts for rent in Turkey moor at the restaurant’s marina, which has about 20 berths. The helpful restaurant staff connects the mooring ropes to a variety of corners, rings and bollards — you will have no problem mooring your yacht charter in Turkey.

Only the middle moorings on the south side are more than 2.5 meters deep, on the east side they are about 2 meters deep. Kapi Creek is safe in any wind direction. Due to its location, it is a popular stop for people arriving or leaving Skopea Limani.

Yavansu Bay

Yavansu Bay is according to many a paradise place to visit if you are in Dalaman or Gocek. The most interesting feature for yacht charter lovers in Turkey is that it is one of the most calm and sheltered bays in the region. The winds sweeping through the bay make it unsuitable for mooring points for tourist boats, and so overnight stays are rare. But during the summer months, Yavansu Bay comes alive. The bay’s wooden pier is a convenient place for Turkey boats to dock.

For those wishing to charter a yacht in Turkey, this is one of the best places. The bottom of the bay is covered with colorful corals and a rich underwater world, which attracts snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Yacht charter in Turkey gives an opportunity to see many kinds of fish, crabs, sponges and other sea creatures.

Wall Bay

This is a bay near the Bay of Ruins, which is considered one of the most delightful anchorages in Turkey. To moor your charter yacht in Turkey in the horseshoe-shaped bay, you can moor your yacht at the top, north of the high defensive wall. Alternatively, for mooring your yacht you can choose the marina next to the restaurant on the north side of the bay. There are two berths here with the capacity to accommodate about 30 yachts.

Yacht Mooring in Sarsala Bay

Sarsala Bay is a group of three bays a couple of kilometers from Wall Bay. The largest has a beach with an active water sports center, guests will not be disappointed with the vast amount of recreational opportunities here. Turkey yacht charter mooring is possible in any of the bays, depending on the wind. But you will have to anchor at a depth of at least 15 meters. The bay has become a good transportation hub due to its proximity to many bays and short distance to Dalaman airport.

At Kucuk Sarsala restaurant, nestled in a sheltered bay, you have the convenience to dock your yacht at a specially designed pier that accommodates 20−30 yachts with a depth of around 4 meters. The dedicated restaurant staff stands ready to assist you with mooring, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This location offers excellent protection from various wind directions, although it’s worth noting that north-east winds may pose a challenge. Nevertheless, the predominant north-west winds might introduce some gusts affecting both sides of the bay. Additionally, be prepared for occasional waves created by gulets making their way to the beach at the bay’s northern tip.

Deep Bay (Sıralıbük Koyu)

Situated a mere mile north of Sarsala Bay, Deep Bay (Sıralıbük Koyu) is a haven renowned for its significant depths. This feature permits yachts to moor mere steps from the shore, anchored securely to the seabed at depths ranging between 20−25 meters, amidst the backdrop of striking orange pillars. For enhanced convenience, the bay is equipped with mooring buoys.

Towards the south-east, the bay narrows into a secluded cove, offering a more intimate yacht mooring spot. Here, vessels can anchor with a line to shore, though space is at a premium, accommodating merely two or three yachts.

Tomb Bay

Tomb Bay, located roughly 1.5 miles north of Deep Bay, is a premier destination for yacht charter itineraries, offering a variety of yacht mooring options set in picturesque sheltered bays.

Mooring locations include:

  1. Oliva’s Restaurant on the Southwest Shore: Known for its welcoming staff and excellent service, this spot allows yachts to moor on buoys to a well-maintained wooden pier, with water and electricity available upon request. While enjoying great food at slightly above-average prices, guests can appreciate the upstairs restaurant’s ambiance.
  2. ONNO Grill & Bar at the Bay’s West End: Here, caution is advised due to the shallow waters.

Additionally, the bay’s perimeter hosts several bollard-equipped spots for stern-to mooring with anchor drop depths of 15−20 meters. Particularly favorable places for anchoring, located on either side of the south-west rocky peninsula, offer shallower depths of 10−15 meters. However, prime locations are often occupied by gulets.

An abandoned jetty on the bay’s north side, once bustling beside a now-closed restaurant, shows signs of rapid deterioration, making it unsuitable for mooring, especially in unpredictable weather.

For those intrigued by history as part of their sailing adventure, the northwest corner of the bay is home to ancient Lycian tombs carved into the mountainside, adding a unique touch to the yacht charter itinerary.

Boynuz Buku Koyu

Boynuz Buku Cove is nestled just two miles northeast of the serene Tomb Bay, offering a tranquil retreat for yacht enthusiasts.

At the heart of the cove, a welcoming restaurant pier can accommodate up to eighteen yachts, providing an exclusive dining experience for those who choose to moor here. Mooring is seamlessly tied to the culinary delight awaiting at the restaurant.

Boynuz Buku Bay stands out as a prime location for yacht anchoring within its sheltered waters, offering depths of 8.0 — 10.0 meters on its western side. The seabed, blanketed in mud, ensures a secure anchor hold.

The bay’s perimeter allows for anchoring in the customary depths of 15−20 meters, connecting to the shore via a series of strategically placed bollards.

Navigators should be vigilant of a cluster of rocks and shoals approximately 500 meters east of the bay’s entrance, navigating with caution.

Springs and streams lace the bay, adorning the shoreline with lush reeds and vibrant oleanders.

Moorings in Tersane Bay

Tersane Creek Cove, located off the northwestern tip of Tersane Island, marks the northern gateway into Scopea Limani.

Here, the Tersane Koyu restaurant pier welcomes about fifteen yachts, offering fixed mooring points for a secure stay. While yachts often favor the bay’s western side for anchoring, options are open, with advised depths of 8 — 10 meters.

The cove promises excellent shelter, being open only to the northwestern winds. It’s a haven of tranquility, surrounded by olive groves and the historical remnants of a Byzantine or Ottoman shipyard.

Yassica Island

The Yassica Islands lie 2.5 miles south of Göcek, snug between the larger islands of Göcek and Tersane. This untouched archipelago comprises five small islands, with mooring buoys lining the largest island’s western shore. Although bustling with tourist boats during daylight, these bays promise peace post-6pm.

Seeking shelter is best in the northern part of the archipelago, though navigating between the islands demands a careful study of the map for a safe passage.

This guide is tailored for those planning a yacht charter itinerary, highlighting ideal spots for yacht mooring in sheltered bays, ensuring a memorable sailing adventure.

If you want to include a visit to these charming places in your charter itinerary, can help.


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