We want to make the world of yachting more accessible and open to you.

That's why we instantly provide you with all the options — from choosing a destination to offering the best price.

And we do our best to make the entire process of planning and booking a yacht easier, simpler and more enjoyable from start to finish.

So that you can be sure that you get the most for the money and time spent.

The best deals for you

We compare prices from 1000+ charter companies and 100+ online services, so you don't have to do it yourself. Then you can decide whether to book or not.

Only trusted boats

We compare boat descriptions, availability and features from a wide range of sources, so you can be confident in the accuracy of the information provided in the search results.

Fair offers

We display offers from a huge number of fleet operators and online booking agencies. We are always on the side of the travelers and therefore, if it seems to us that service providers violate your interests, we remove them from the site.

Hassle free planning

Our search widget is easy to use and offers the best options, so it's simple to plan your trip with it. You can search by destination, model or yacht name and even by charter company.

Search Everywhere

Deciding where to rent a yacht? When to rent a boat? The possibilities are endless! Use the search without filters and find options around the world, and we will suggest the best deals.

Advanced filters

Use our multi-tasking search by destination, dates, boat type, charter company and even yacht name and get the best price from multiple online agencies and fleet operators without having to search anywhere else.

Useful widgets

Do you feel flexible? Use «the price tips widget» for the best charter deals on the yacht page. You don’t need to search and select a new date each time to find out the price. Just use the widget on the boat page and you will immediately see the offers for the periods in which this yacht is available for booking.

Price Alert

Use the «Price Alert» feature and you will be notified of all price changes for the yachts from your favorites list.

* on the development stage. Leave your contacts to be one of the first to use this functionality.

Trusted rates and reviews

Sailors worldwide often leave reviews of yachts. On our site it is possible to leave reviews about charter companies and online booking agencies, which helps you in choosing the right option. It also suggests ways for further development and improvement to fleet operators and agencies.

* on the development stage. Leave your contacts to be one of the first to use this functionality.

Search is yours

We never use search data to artificially inflate prices, create hype, hide information, or confuse you into booking something you don't need. We believe that you should pay the price you see on the screen. No surprises or hidden fees.