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Sailing trip in France

The French Riviera stands as a paradise, not solely for sea enthusiasts but also as a global hub for cultural and social activities. Journeying along the French coast becomes a coveted dream, particularly for sea cruise enthusiasts who can explore numerous attractions and behold breathtaking landscapes.

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Boat hire in France

France's Mediterranean coast stretches from the charming bay of Banyuls, located near the Spanish border, to Menton, the Italian border. It’s a trendy and exciting sailing area that includes well-known locations like Toulon and Marseille, the Calanque National Park, the Hyères Islands, and, most famously, the French Riviera with St. Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, and Nice.

For those who choose a crewed France yacht charter, the French Riviera and the French Mediterranean coast generally have a unique appeal. The French Riviera's glittering ports, the unspoiled splendor of the Calanque National Park, and the enthralling waters around the Hyères Islands are just a few of the experiences that yachting enthusiasts can have along the country's Mediterranean coast.

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Yacht charter locations in France

There are several places along the shoreline on the French Mediterranean coast where you may rent bareboat sailboats without a crew. The ports of Saint-Cyprien, St. Mandrier sur Mer, Port Pin Rolland, Marseille, Toulon, Bormes-les-Mimosas, Antibes, Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez, and Hyères are home to charter business bases that provide these vessels. It's crucial to remember that most charter businesses are tiny, usually overseeing no more than ten boats. As such, reservation in advance is necessary to secure a ship in a specific spot. Marseille and Toulon are home to the majority of bareboat yachts.

You can hire boats in France all along the coast, with the bulk of them centered on the Cote d'Azur. Planning is advisable to secure the desired vessel and location for a seamless and enjoyable yachting experience.

Weather in France for yachtsmen

The prime yachting season in France spans from June to August. Favorable conditions characterize it. During this period, the weather is notably warm, with minimal precipitation. The wind maintains a consistent force of 3-4. It provides steady and ideal conditions for sailing a yacht. This timeframe is optimal for those seeking a delightful and comfortable yachting experience along the French coast.

With its subtropical climate that brings hot, dry summers and moderate, wet winters, France's Mediterranean coast is tempting for people to hire boats France. The two central winds sculpting this coastal area are the Mistral and the Scirocco. The Mistral is a mighty, chilly northwest wind. The winter and spring months are when it is most common, while the off-season has the strongest winds. Winds between 60 and 80 knots might gust to dangerous heights at these times. Scirocco brings humid weather. This warm and moist wind contributes to the climatic conditions along the Mediterranean coast.

Water Season (°C) 18-22
Air Temperature (°C) 25-30
Wind Force (Beaufort) 3-6

Requirements for the skipper of a chartered yacht

At least one crew member must hold a yacht operating license recognized by the French authorities when looking to hire a boat in France on the French Mediterranean coast. A yacht skipper diploma, the RYA, IYT, ISSA, and other certifications are acceptable. In general, France is rather accommodating regarding acknowledging different yacht captain licenses. It accepts credentials from nearly any recognized institution.

French charter companies often inquire about the skipper's sailing experience, although a formal sailing CV is usually unnecessary. In case of doubts, the company may request a skills demonstration on a short sea journey with their skipper. If proficiency falls short, options include hiring a local skipper or undergoing a brief training course, albeit at an additional cost.

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