Yacht charter trips in Corfu

Corfu or Kerkyra (Κέρκυρα) is the northernmost and second-largest, after Kefalonia, of the Ionian Islands.

Yachting spots in Corfu

The island is the most popular tourist destination in Greece, attracting over a million tourists annually. For yachtsmen, the island is also appealing due to the opportunity to charter a bareboat yacht from one of the charter companies based in the Gouvia Marina.

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The area of the island is 592 square kilometers, and its length is 217 kilometers. The highest point of the island is Mount Pantokrator (914 meters), but there are several flat areas, the largest of which is the Ropa Valley (Ropa). There are two lakes: Korission (Korission) and Antinioti (Antinioti), and four small rivers - Potamos, Sidari, Messogghi, and Lefkimi, which often dry up in the summer.

Corfu — Yacht Charter Boatscribe
Corfu — Yacht Charter Boatscribe
Corfu — Yacht Charter Boatscribe

Charter yachts in Corfu

Yachting routes from Corfu

It's no secret that most yachtsmen travel on rented yachts. Therefore, they have to tie their yachting routes to the locations of charter companies' bases. On the island of Corfu, this is the Gouvia Marina.

Among the yachting routes from the island of Corfu, the following can be highlighted.

Firstly, there are the most popular weekly routes in the Corfu Sea - part of the Ionian Sea between the island of Corfu and mainland Greece. They usually include the eastern coast of the island of Corfu, the mainland coast from the border with Albania to Preveza, and the islands of Corfu, Paxos, and Antipaxos, as well as the Sivota Islands. Travelling in this area is not difficult and is accessible to beginner yacht skippers.

Secondly, a slightly more complex route around the island of Corfu. The yacht skipper will need to carefully analyze weather forecasts, as there are practically no shelters for yachts from westerly and southerly winds along the western coast of the island of Corfu.

Thirdly, quite often, yachtsmen who can afford to rent a yacht for two weeks venture into the so-called Inner Sea to the islands of Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos, and many small islands near them. On this route, you will have to pass through the channel between the island of Lefkada and the mainland. The entrance to the channel is quite tricky, and yachts often run aground here.

Yachting berthing options on the island include the Gouvia Marina, the city of Corfu, the fishing ports of Kassiopi on the northern coast, Petriti on the southeast, and Palaiokastritsa on the northwest coast, as well as numerous attractive anchorages for yachtsmen, particularly Agni, Kalami, Kouloura, and Ayios Stefanos on the northeastern tip of the island, and Ayios Yeoryio on the northwestern coast.

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More sailing routes around Corfu

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Weather in Corfu

The climate of the island is mild, not very cold in winter and humid in summer. Heavy rains and high humidity stimulate lush vegetation. Thus, the island remains green even in the summertime. It is the most densely populated area in Greece after the major urban centers of Athens and Thessaloniki.

Water Season (°C) 20-25
Air Temperature (°C) 20-30
Wind Force (Beaufort) 3-5