Bays and marinas of Fethiye Bay in Turkey Bays and marinas of Fethiye Bay in Turkey
Itineraries April 27, 2024

Bays and marinas of Fethiye Bay in Turkey

Fethiye Bay is represented by various picturesque bays that are suitable for both short and long anchorages.

We recommend keeping it for planning future sailing itineraries.

Pinaralti Bay anchorage

Located 4.5 nautical miles southwest of Fethiye.

Pinaralti Bay offers the opportunity to moor directly outside the Yazz Collective restaurant. This location can accommodate about 12 yachts. It is also possible to anchor within the bay. However, keep in mind that in case of northerly winds it is better to choose another mooring location.

Anchorage at Kizil Island

Kizil Island is located in the east of Fethiye Bay, 2.3 miles northwest of the Fethiye Bay exit.

Anchor is fixed quite well in the sandy bottom of the island at a depth of 10−15 meters.

By the way, this location has a sandy beach that attracts many tourists.

Anchorage in Katranci Bay

It is located in the central part of the northern coast of Fethiye.

Charter yachts can comfortably anchor at a depth of 5−10 meters in the center of the bay or closer to the shore. Except for the northern part, which is fenced off with buoys and serves as a beach.

The shore can be quite crowded as there is a campground there. At the campground during the high season, you can check out the minimarket.

The picturesque coastline of Katranci Bay is part of a nature park. Walking paths among the eucalyptus trees are perfect for a stroll.

Anchorage in Kucuk Kargi Bay

In the northeastern part of Fethiye is Kucuk Kargi Bay.

The northeastern part of the bay is excellent for anchoring. The anchor can be easily fixed in the muddy bottom at a depth of 5−10 meters. The bay provides shelter from northern winds.

Anchor anchorage in Inlice Bay

Another cove in the northeastern part of the Fethiye Bay coastline. It can be found 2 miles southeast of Gocek. Inlice Bay provides excellent protection from winds from different directions.

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