The main nuances of hiring a skipper The main nuances of hiring a skipper
Charter April 27, 2024

The main nuances of hiring a skipper

Active wave conquerors who love sailing voyages know all about charter yachts and hiring skippers. But for those who are new to the world of nautical entertainment, this information will definitely be useful and interesting.

We answer the most popular questions about hiring a skipper.

Who is a skipper?

The word skipper is of German origin and means “master of the ship”. Quite a symbolic meaning, because it is an indispensable person on the ship. The skipper takes over the management of the ship, and also ensures safety.

The role of the skipper can also be performed by you if you have the necessary license.

What are the advantages of hiring a skipper?

Firstly, you can not deny yourself the pleasure of sea travel without having a license. It is enough to rent a yacht you like and hire an experienced skipper.

Secondly, even with a license, you can relax and enjoy the voyage by leaving the helm to a qualified skipper.

What is the skipper’s responsibility

  • Ensuring the safety of the boat and passengers. The skipper conducts a mandatory briefing for all passengers before starting the voyage.

  • Full control of the yacht. Control over the operation of the equipment on the boat.

  • Decision-making in difficult situations. For example, in extreme storms or a large-scale breakdown on the vessel.

  • Forming the right route for a yacht trip. Knowing exactly which areas to avoid, where the best weather conditions will be.

  • Mooring or anchorage. Selecting the best location for a comfortable and safe anchorage.

What is important to note? The skipper is not involved in cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping. For this purpose, it is necessary to hire a separate staff or solve these issues independently.

What documents confirm the qualifications of the skipper?

The next important step after you have decided to hire a skipper for the yacht is to make sure of his experience and skills. To do this, it is worth checking for the following documents:

  • A valid license.

  • SRC (Short range certificate).

  • Passport or ID card.

You can also check for skipper’s liability insurance. Although this is not a mandatory item.

How much does it cost to hire a skipper?

The average price tag for the work of a skipper on a vessel of 15−20 meters for a trip to the Mediterranean is 150−200 euros per day. The weekly salary of a skipper can be between 1000 and 1400 euros.

How to hire a skipper?

Already while renting a boat you can hire a skipper. Many charter companies offer this service. To find favorable offers, we recommend using It is a convenient tool to plan a yacht trip.

Note that the daily expenses of the skipper are borne by the charter customer. That is, it is necessary to calculate the amount of products and on your captain. It is also worth not forgetting about an additional sleeping place. This can be a place in the cabin or a separate cabin.

Now, you are familiar with the basic intricacies of the question: how and where to hire a skipper. We hope that your next sea cruise will be the most memorable event in your life.


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