Sailing with pets Sailing with pets
Tips & Ideas April 29, 2024

Sailing with pets

When it comes to a yacht charter tour, many people wonder whether to take their pets with them or leave them in their care at home. Some simply can’t imagine a vacation without their faithful friend and decide to take them along. But is it possible and what is required for this?

What to pay attention to

Traveling on a boat with a pet will be a pleasant experience, but it is important to ensure the safety and comfort of your furry friend. To do this, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Realize that renting a boat is a great idea for you, but for a pet, being on board is literally being in a confined space, which can be a challenging experience. To avoid shock, it is recommended that you simply visit the ship at anchor a few times to allow your pet to adapt a bit. It may be necessary to stay close by and calm him down for a while during the journey.

  2. Seasickness is not only common in humans — animals can experience it acutely as well. Dogs are more prone to it, but the vestibular apparatus of cats is stronger, although they can also get seasick. It is worth thinking about this and consulting a veterinarian beforehand. There are special medications that can minimize, or even level out seasickness, but it is not necessary to choose them yourself.

  3. Nutrition and natural need. The issues of feeding and going to the toilet will also need to be addressed in advance. Habitual food and a litter box will help your pet more easily survive the stress of a change of environment. With cats, the issue of the toilet is easier, just take his litter box with you, with a dog will be a little more difficult — it is better to take a small container with earth. The toilet should be in an accessible place for the animal. If you plan to rent a yacht for one day, you can use diapers for animals.

Today you can easily rent a yacht that will be comfortable for you and your whole family. The more thorough you prepare and the more details you consider, the easier the trip will be for you and your pet.

How can you play with your pet on a yacht?

If your cat or dog is not seasick, not afraid of waves, decks and an unfamiliar environment, a charter trip will be a great adventure for him.

  • The best games for a yacht are those that won’t put your pet in danger. Leave your favorite ball at home: your pet could accidentally throw it overboard and jump after it.

  • But toys on strings, laser pointers, comfy beds and favorite treats are very useful.

  • If you’re going on a long trip, consider all the options for short trips and choose the best ones.

Even if you love your pet very much, you probably won’t be able to give it all your attention while traveling, so it’s important to keep it occupied while on vacation.

International control

When planning a charter tour with your pet, it’s important to be prepared for veterinary inspection. While requirements may vary slightly from country to country, one thing remains constant: you must have a veterinary passport for your pet.

Before you begin your sailing trip, make sure you inform your company manager of your plans to travel with your pet. In most cases this is not a problem, but remember that it is your responsibility to follow veterinary regulations.

To avoid trouble, it is advisable to check in advance all the veterinary control requirements of the country you plan to travel to. Some may have special rules and conditions, for example:

  • Chipping of the animal may be mandatory.

  • Vaccination requirements may vary from country to country.

  • Additional veterinary documents may need to be provided to prove your pet’s health and vaccination status.

Be prepared and follow all requirements to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip. And to find the best boat for the whole family with your pets in mind, visit


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